Aukeman Triathlon Training Camp

High Cadence Triathlon Training by coach Jamie Bursell offers a one-month training camp specifically for this race!

Here is more information from Jamie if you are interested:

The sport of triathlon is so much more than putting together a strong swim, bike and run.  It’s about looking at the big picture and the process of setting goals, being determined to reach those goals, and most importantly, believing in yourself and the learning that takes place along the way. Certified Triathlon Coach Jamie Bursell offers triathlon training camps and custom training plans for athletes of all levels.  Aukeman Training Camp is a specialized 4-week camp offered in the month of July with all of the training on the Aukeman Triathlon course. Whether you want to build your base or train for your next race, High Cadence Triathlon Training can help you reach your goals.  Contact Jamie Bursell at 907-723-7872.

Wondering what the schedule will be? Click the link below; but contact Jamie for additional details!!!

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