Aukeman Sprint Distance Course

The swim will take place in Auke Lake.  Swimmers will start at the dock at UAS and finish at the Auke Lake boat ramp, passing buoys as required on your right side. There will be an age group start, however some age groups are clumped together – please listen for your age group and we will run older to younger. Athletes will all be started within 11 minutes, so stay close. Swimmers then proceed approximately 500 meters to the transition area in front of the Mourant Building. You may consider bringing two pairs of shoes to have one set at the start and one set at the finish to get you from the end of the swim back to transition.

The Bike course starts between the Mourant Building and UAS Library, and travels to Back Loop Road via the paved UAS path. The bike course is an out and back route proceeding to Back Loop Road, Glacier Spur Road, and the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center and back. Cyclists will exit the paved path turn right onto Back Loop Road. They will ride approximately 7km to the Glacier Spur Road, and turn left toward the Mendenhall Glacier. This intersection will be manned by race volunteers, but cyclists must yield to traffic before proceeding toward the glacier. Cyclists will proceed to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center parking lot, ride around the roundabout, and then return to UAS and the transition area using the UAS road entrance (note: the return route does not use the paved path, rather it enters UAS using the motor vehicle route). Upon returning to UAS, cyclists will enter transition area again for T2.

The run course will be a single out-and-back.  Runners will exit UAS and turn left onto Glacier Highway. Runners will run on the left-hand (Auke Lake side) of the highway on the way out onto the run course. They will turn left onto the Auke Lake Trail, and follow the trail to the end and turn right onto Goat Hill Road. The course continues to the north end of Goat Hill road where runners will turn left onto Back Loop Road and return to the Auke Lake Trail which they will follow to Glacier Highway and the finish line at UAS following the same route they used on the way out. Make sure to stay on the right side of Glacier Highway on your return to UAS. The course will be marked and manned by  race volunteers. 

course picscourse pics 3

2022 swim course: 


Keep the colored buoys on your right hand side.
Bike Course (no change from prior years. You MUST come to a stop at the left turn onto Mendenhall Loop Road and traffic is not being stopped for our race.)
Bike course – starting detail. You cannot get onto your bike until out of transition. Helmets on at all times in transition. Please be careful as you turn left back into the University of Alaska Southeast campus – watch for traffic as we are not stopping traffic on the course.
Run Course (same as previous years – out and back with no loop at turnaround). There will be water available at the turnaround.
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