Race Rules

  • General Information
    • RACE STARTS AT 7:30 AM. Wetsuit required.
  • • Please leave your dogs at home. No headphones/ear buds or other audio devices are allowed on course.
  • Parking is in the UAS parking lot. Please don’t park in the Chapel By The Lake parking area or the Auke Lake Boat ramp parking lot. You will be able to get in and out of the general parking areas, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF RACERS!

General Rules
• This is a USAT sanctioned event. All USAT rules apply. See www.usatriathlon.org.
• No bike handlers permitted.
• Participants shall not accept assistance of any kind (such as food, drink, equipment, or pacing) from any person except a race official.
• Participants must display their race number while running. Bike numbers will be provided, and racers do not need to wear their number while on the bike. Racers are responsible for making sure the timers are aware of their number.
• It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the course and transition areas. 
*Review the maps.
• No headphones allowed. 

Transition Area
• Masks will be required before and after the race.
• You will have a designated transition area. Please find your number on race morning.
• Only racers with a number will be allowed in the transition area.

Swim Rules
• Wetsuit is mandatory for all participants.
• You must be lined up based on your race number (#1 will go first, then #2, etc). It will take approximately 12 minutes to start all athletes with 10 seconds between starts. You will be able to get into the water about 20 seconds before your start. If you miss your starting time you will not be able to race. The course will be designed to keep the colored buoys to your right side..
• No flotation devices, fins, paddles, or other propulsion devices of any kind. USAT rules allow goggles and face masks. No snorkels are allowed.
• Safety personnel will be in the water and in boats along the course to provide any necessary assistance. Competitors can accept assistance from race staff as long as that assistance does not provide forward propulsion along the race course. 

Bike Rules
• OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS! This is not a closed course. You will be sharing the road with traffic. Ride smart and pay attention!
• You must wear an ANSI or SNELL approved helmet (with chin strap buckled) whenever you are on a bike, even during warm-up.
• You are responsible for knowing the bike course. We will try to mark any potentially confusing intersections. All participants are required to come to a complete stop and place at least one foot on the ground while outbound at the Back Loop Road/Glacier Spur Road intersection stop sign unless waived through by a race official. They can then proceed through the intersection once it is safe to do so.

• No drafting. You must stay at least 10 meters (30 feet) behind the bike in front of you. When passing, move to the left when you get within 30 feet and pass safely.
• No riding 2 abreast.
• You are solely responsible for ensuring your bike is in safe mechanical condition.

Running Rules
• All participants must run or walk the entire course. The course will be marked, and there will be minimal volunteers to help direct you.
• Make sure your bib number is visible to the timers when you finish. Wear your bib on the front. 

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